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Peter Renshaw

Peter Renshaw



Head of highly regarded Welfare Benefits Department, which has been in existence since the establishment of Potter Rees Dolan Solicitors.

The firm has long-since understood the importance of holistic services for its litigation and Court of Protection clients, whilst it also undertakes multiple pro bono projects.

Those projects have included providing specialist support to the Headway Charity for brain injury survivors, both the national Charity and local groups and branches; the Spinal Injuries Association, The Brain Charity, Ronald McDonald House, Reuben’s Retreat, as well as operating an NHS Legal Surgery at the invitation of the NHS.

Peter was on the national panel of 9 Peer Reviewers for the Legal Services Commission when Legal Aid was more widely available for Welfare Benefits’ work.

Peter and his assistant both have relevant and senior second roles for the Ministry of Justice.

Career and education history

  • Liverpool Polytechnic Law degree 1988;
  • Worked in Social Welfare Law field since 1988. Qualified as Solicitor in 1998. Have worked in public and charity sectors, including Citizens Advice, Law Centre, Local Authority Welfare Rights services (eg, Manchester);
  • Worked for Potter Rees Dolan since 2003, with 2 jobs throughout – for Disability Rights Commission (2001-7), Legal Services Commission (Peer Reviewer, 2007-2012), and Ministry of Justice in a senior role (since 2013).


Thank you. Excellent help and I got an outcome I didn’t expect, so a big thank you to Peter Renshaw.

Lisa Hathaway

I rang Headway on 7th Dec concerning my husband’s PIP Appeal hearing on 6th Jan, they told me to speak to Peter [Renshaw]. That was the best phone call I ever made. Spoke to Amy – what a star – so easy to talk to just like a supportive friend, such an impressive understanding intermediary. Sent appeal papers etc for Peter to look at over Xmas and New Year break. On 4th Jan Peter sent the written submission that evening and arranged to speak to me on the 5th to go through the hearing. On the 6th the judge had read the submission and said it had made their job easy and awarded David enhanced rates in both components. Without Peter and Amy’s help I don’t think we might have had such a good outcome and after 20 months of stress I now feel a different person!


Your help with this matter exceeded expectations. There was very short notice and Peter and Amy went above and beyond the call of duty to get information to us and the tribunal clerk in time for yesterday’s tribunal. Your understanding of the processes involved and insight into all eventualities built my confidence exponentially and the positive result will make an enormous difference to the life of the individual we have been supporting.

R Inman

I think that your level of service is outstanding. Everyone that we have dealt with has been attentive, reassuring, encouraging and positive whilst keeping us grounded over possible outcomes. I can’t think of anything that could improve your level of service.

Mrs J

Over the years, we have struggled to get the help we need with our daughter’s disabilities. At times it has been overwhelming and, as she has gotten older, we have had to face more and more challenges which have been very difficult. Peter Renshaw has made our Appeal easier to manage and a lot less stressful for us.

Mrs Fitzsimmons

I cannot thank Peter and Amy enough for all their help and advice they have given us; the outcome of our case was way beyond any expectations thanks to the papers submitted by Peter.

Ms Whitby

A very professional and well-turned out company. The whole experience of dealing with Peter Renshaw was made easy from start to finish. I found Peter very helpful and understanding to my situation. You helped me when a lot of other companies did not.

Mr Howarth

I could never thank you enough for all your help. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

Mrs S

Thank you for all you have done for ‘M’ and our family Peter. We are deeply indebted to your great professionalism, compassion and kindness. You have made such a difference to our lives and given M a secure future.


We are over the moon with all your help and support you have given myself and S. Without your intervention Peter, I am sure that my son would not be here today. As S’s mum, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would have no hesitation to confirm our delight for the wonderful, compassionate care you have shown our family.


Peter Renshaw was quite simply phenomenal! I hope it is realised what a total asset he is to the firm. He was clear, unassuming, relentless, encouraging and his competence was outstanding.

Mr H

Absolute salt of the earth people, every person who I spoke to listened to my concerns and went above and beyond to assist a vulnerable adult, who wouldn’t have known where to turn or what to do without Peter Renshaw.

Mr G

The help we received from Peter Renshaw was amazing. The advice was clear and we were kept informed every step of the way. Thank you.

Mr B

Peter has been fantastic and has worked extremely hard on several benefits issues – Income Support overpayment, DLA, Incapacity Benefit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax. I could not have dealt with all this without his support and knowledgeable action.

Mrs B

Peter, you have been kind enough to advise me on many occasions in relation to applying for welfare benefits on behalf of my husband and I wanted to tell you our latest news and thank you for your ongoing support. I cannot thank you enough for your professional, detailed and supportive help in this process. Frankly, I would not have been able to complete the forms without your advice and feel certain that these awards, which are completely correct in terms of my husband’s disabilities and support needs, would never have been made.

Mr A

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the manner in which Peter Renshaw has conducted our case, we have found him to be pleasant, approachable and professional at all times and would readily recommend him to anyone enquiring his services – we would like to thank him for all his efforts.

Mr B

The service received was very good and I don’t know what we would have done without your help Peter- thank you


Staff were supportive, understanding, knowledgeable and were prompt with their responses and all the literature provided was very informative. Without the help of Peter Renshaw and Headway, my son and the family would still be struggling financially and emotionally. With their help and guidance we have been able to secure new accommodation and rectify the benefits that were wrongly withdrawn from my son.

Mr W

It was extremely helpful and reassuring to have what can be confusing information from external agencies explained in a clear and understandable format by Peter. The service has been reliable and efficient throughout. It has been carried out by email, telephone and post which has worked well.

Mr B

As you can imagine, it is a huge relief, both from a financial point of view and from the point of view of not having to go to the job centre for interviews, I can start getting on with my life at my own pace without any pressure. Peter, many many thanks for all the work you’re putting into supporting me, I appreciate it a lot.

Mrs Davies

Peter has a good understanding of the nature of the problems I’ve had with my sickness benefit and how to deal with the forms. He has worked extremely hard, both this year and two years when I had similar problems to get my case sorted out. Without Peter’s help, I would have struggled. Both times the appeal decision has gone in my favour – which is a great relief!

Mr F

I have recommended to friends in the past and they have also been very pleased and have recommended to other people. The case which Peter Renshaw has done for me is unbelievable and Peter won. I would recommend Peter who is a brilliant person to do their case. I recommend the company as well as I know they specialise in head injury. Stay as you are – a very caring company – thank you for all the hard work you do and your understanding of the problems I have. Thank you.

Mr D

Thank you so much for all your help and support with this Peter. Without your help we would have really struggled and most certainly would not have had a successful tribunal, no one else in this process has been as helpful as you and we really appreciate it.

Mrs P

The service was first class. Peter kept in touch on a daily basis during what was a very stressful time. Through his expertise, our case was resolved very quickly. Peter worked on our case pro-bono. For this and all the work he undertook on our behalf, I cannot thank him enough. I am aware that, had we had to pay, as it was very time-consuming work, the costs would have been prohibitive. Both my son and I will never be able to thank him enough!

Mrs D

Peter was extremely thorough when providing information and advice and was very efficient with regard to responding to emails and queries.

Ms B

From start to finish, they dealt with all the paperwork and took the stress and pressure of me. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. You did a fantastic job and I couldn’t ask for a better, more professional Solicitors. I just want to say a big thank you to Peter Renshaw for everything he has done. he is a fantastic asset to the team

Mrs F

Peter had patience and understood my problem when I made mistakes and he turned it to my advantage.

Mrs M

Thanks for everything you have done for me Peter – it’s so much appreciated. You have been so supportive and changed my life for me and my family.

Mr D

Peter was very understanding and very patient with me as to my shortfall in knowledge of benefits procedures.

Mr P

Peter Renshaw, accepted my case on a pro-bono basis and then went on to work tirelessly on my behalf on what became quite a complex case.

Had it not been for Mr Renshaw’s expert knowledge of the benefits system and the complicated laws surrounding these I doubt such an outcome would have been possible.

Thanks again for your efforts with my case, I am very grateful and honestly don’t know what I’d have done without your help.

Mr C

Good, helpful and quick advice that achieved the result we wanted. Thanks to Peter Renshaw for the help which was needed urgently and provided us with a lifeline when no other advice was available.

Ms M

Mr Renshaw far exceeded our expectations. From the first telephone call with Amy, I felt a great sense of relief that someone understood my situations. I had tried other avenues without success. Nothing was too much trouble, no one else would have persevered as long as he did since my husband is quite difficult as a result of his brain injury. In fact, Roy was almost working against Mr Renshaw’s advice. I found Peter to be very patient and understanding, always keeping us up to date. We would have lost our mobility car without his help. I cannot thank him enough.

Mrs M

Keith and Peter offered expert professional advice and representation for two separate serious injury compensation claims resulting in successful compensation for both. Subsequently advising and acting for an Industrial Injury Appeal also with successful results. We cannot thank Keith and Peter enough for their support and understanding during very difficult times.

Mr J

I was referred to Mr Renshaw via the Headway Charity Helpline after appealing to them for help for my 45 year old son who, aged eleven years had suffered a traumatic brain injury. He had been in receipt of ESA for almost 2 years and had been called to attend a face-to-face assessment with a health care professional. He was in a desperate state of mental health, and I badly needed advice and guidance. From the first moment of contact with Mr Renshaw’s assistant Amy, I felt an enormous sense of relief. Our case was taken up without question, our situation and details recorded, and from that time (April 2018) until the successful outcome of the Appeal on 27th August 201, Mr Renshaw guided the case with considered professional advice and experience. We benefited from many hours of his time and expertise – all without any legal charges to us. Mr Renshaw is a remarkable man, to whom we have a huge debt of gratitude.

Wendy Campbell

The service we received was absolutely fantastic and couldn’t be faulted. Clear, concise information and always by return of email which helped us so much through a very difficult and confusing time. We would never have had the positive outcome from the Appeal Hearing if it had not been for the help we received from Peter Renshaw, for which we are so grateful.

Mrs Chandler

Peter’s advice was excellent because, of course, being a lawyer, you know exactly how to respond. Having been there before with Disability Living Allowance, my expectation was that I’d have to go to tribunal. Talking to another woman who’d been through the same process, she’d had to go to tribunal twice to get my result. I am very grateful for your assistance through what is a debilitating and life-consuming experience and I thanked Headway for recommending you. Indeed, Headway recommended two lawyers. I wrote to the other recommendation first but got no response. Finding you was a miracle!

Susan Quick

I cannot thank Peter and Amy enough for all the help and support throughout. I was so lucky when Headway gave me your details. You have been like my guardian angels, I really could not have done it without you. I appreciate everything you have done. Thank you.

Mrs T

Thank you to Headway and Peter Renshaw; you were very informative with regards to my son and his benefits. The service you provided was excellent, staff were very friendly and reassuring and I was kept well-informed. The outcome was excellent, and we won the appeal. I would not hesitate in recommending you and Headway charity to anyone needing legal advice or information on brain injury. Thank you again so much to everyone involved; without your input and expertise, the outcome would have been so different.

Ms S

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help and support to guide us through the PIP process and take our case forward, it’s such a shame to have to go through the re-assessment 15 years after the accident, especially as his situation has not changed. I do hope the government will re-look at the process for genuine cases. I like the way you took on Lionel’s case; studying the paperwork but also discussing his situation and how his (rejected) case affected him. Peter took the time to get to know me and Lionel and his individual circumstances, managing the whole process, paperwork and explaining everything step by step and guiding me realistically. Amy, you were fantastic; all my telephone communication was with you. I found you very understanding and helpful and very thorough and you always did as you said – thank you!

Mrs Aloe

I was referred to Peter Renshaw, after having contacted the Headway Helpline (the National Charity for Brain Injury) in April 2018, when I desperately needed legal advice over a Benefit Claim. Since then Peter has unerringly steered us through not just one but two claims on behalf of my son and has achieved the best possible outcomes imaginable in both cases. His considered professional advice, guidance and support has been absolutely invaluable and everything has been undertaken on a pro bono basis. I repeat what I have previously said “Mr Renshaw is a remarkable man and my son and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you Peter and thanks also to Amy and Suzanne for the brilliant work you do.

Wendy Campbell

I am completely blown away after the success your input has done for me. Now, instead of life not being worth living, I can take time to make a life with a difference. I will forever be grateful to you! I am very grateful to your firm and especially Mr. Renshaw for his simple instructions, patience and understanding. Having him as an advocate was everything and more than I could have ask for. Many thanks for what you do.

Wendy Williams

Peter Renshaw assisted me with my appeal. If he wasn’t there, I probably never came this far and just lived my difficult life. However, with all his professionalism and caring manner he encouraged me to appeal the decision, patiently explained the procedure and advised me all through the way. The appeal was allowed by the judge, and this could not happened if Peter Renshaw did not support me with my case. I highly recommend Hugh James and specifically Peter Renshaw and his team.


Peter was amazing. He guided me throughout all the stages of applying for PIP, replying to my emails very quickly and giving me lot of tips and advice that has resulted in me receiving a PIP payment that I would never have even known about if it was not for making me aware of what I am entitled to. Fantastic service!

Lee Crompton

Utterly outstanding experience. My son and I received exemplary service, knowledge, support and guidance regarding our Personal Independence Payment applications and subsequent appeals which lasted for 3 years. Our contact was Peter Renshaw who has provided the most expert support and understanding to guide us through this very difficult process, coupled with insurmountable knowledge, empathy and expertise resulting in my son now been awarded his PIP after our appeals and tribunal over a 3 year period. No words of thanks will ever be enough for Peter and his team, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Fiona Hall

Everyone was always very helpful and pleasant. Please give a special and a very grateful thank you to Nicola Mepstead and Peter Renshaw.

Mrs R