Military sexual abuse claims

Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience regardless of the circumstances in which that abuse happens. Many jobs in the armed forces expose people to dangerous situations by the nature of the work being done. Sexual abuse shouldn’t figure into this equation. But, when sexual abuse does happen, it needs to be dealt with appropriately.

Compensation is the outcome for many of our clients, but wherever possible we will follow a holistic approach to obtain the results you want and need. This may involve an apology, security of employment, contributions to your community, or rehabilitation.

While compensation cannot undo the abuse, it can help victims feel a sense of justice and start to move on with their lives.

You may be entitled to claim

If you have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of an individual or institution, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed following sexual abuse and as a result many don’t speak out. Recent high profile cases in the media have resulted in a rise in the number of cases being reported.

Sexual abuse is never the victim’s fault and you should seek the justice entitled to you – for many this includes compensation.

Sexual abuse can happen at any stage of life, whether it was suffered as a child or ongoing abuse as an adult. Sexual abuse can be a one-off occurrence such as rape or a series of repeated abuse over time. If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual abuse, you should report it to the police.

You may feel hesitant or embarrassed to discuss your claim with a solicitor. With Hugh James’ specialist solicitors, you can rest assured that your case will be treated with the highest level of care, attention and confidentiality.

Employers are liable for abuse committed by employees

Sexual assault or abuse can arise in many situations and can be considered complex because of the unique circumstances that often exist in a military setting. For example, so called “initiation ceremonies” frequently expose people to abusive situations, but sexual abuse can also arise through harassment and bullying.

Claims are usually brought against the MoD because in the majority of cases it was the MoD that is or was the employer. Employers are vicariously liable for abuse committed by employees during the course of their employment. For example, the MoD would be liable for the sexual abuse of an army cadet committed by a sergeant responsible for training.

Our specialist sexual abuse and military claims teams have represented many service personnel who have suffered a sexual abuse while serving in the armed forces.

Meetings to suit you

We cover most of the UK from our offices in London and Cardiff and our team of specialist sexual abuse solicitors can arrange to meet you in your own home or at another location of your choosing to discuss your sexual abuse claim. Our aim is to make you feel safe and help you achieve the justice, treatment and compensation you deserve.

We aim to provide a holistic service to our clients and will, therefore, take great care to discuss your case confidentially and sensitively with you.

While we usually represent clients on a no win, no fee basis, we will discuss all of your funding options with you.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault in the armed services, then please contact us for confidential advice about making a claim for compensation.

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Alan is one of the best known solicitors in the field of sexual abuse litigation and has acted in a number of cases of sexual abuse in the armed services. This includes acting for clients who served in all three branches including the Army Cadets.

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