Pleural plaques

Pleural plaques are small areas of scarring on the lungs, indicative of previous asbestos exposure. They do not cause any physical symptoms, although we understand that, if you have been advised by your medical team that you have plaques, you may be worried about your health and the risks of developing further asbestos diseases into the future.

As matters stand, English & Welsh law does not permit patients diagnosed with plaques to bring a legal claim for damages, and government financial support is not available, either. If however you were exposed to asbestos dust whilst working in Scotland, then you may be eligible to bring a compensation claim under Scottish law.

If you have been diagnosed with pleural plaques and would like to discuss matters further then our specialist asbestos team would be pleased to do so.  We are experts in dealing with asbestos-related disease claims and can sign post you to relevant charities and support groups to ensure that you and your family get the support you need.

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Richard Green specialises in asbestos related disease claims. Primarily mesothelioma, asbestosis, diffuse pleural thickening and lung cancer.

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