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NutriBullet blender claims

There have been a series of cases where people are claiming to have been injured when their NutriBullet blenders have exploded causing serious lacerations. The powerful blender was first marketed in 2003 and sold many millions of units since then. The manufacturers have claimed there are many health benefits from blended foods. It is designed with an easy “press and go” mechanism for fast operation.

However, it is now being claimed by consumers that they are at risk of suffering severe deep lacerations when the cup or container has exploded off the base unit exposing limbs to powerful fast spinning blades.

NutriBullet victim shares story

The injuries are reported to have occurred when the still fast rotating blades have slashed through flesh and bone of fingers, hands and arms. Extensive surgery is required to repair damaged tendons and ligaments. Many customers have reported permanent nerve damage and scarring needing repeated plastic surgery and skin grafts.

NutriBullet sued by consumers who claim product blew up

The manufacturer claims that the incidences of exploding NutriBullet blenders are as a result of misuse by the consumer using the product for longer than is advised or by using hot or carbonated food. The manufacturer states hot food should not be used in the blender, and it should only be operated for 60 seconds.

Consumers claim that they are not warned of the potential dangers of operating for longer periods of time.

As with factory machines, it should never be possible for a consumer’s hands to come into contact with the fast-moving blades.

Hugh James represents a woman who suffered severe lacerations to her hand when the NutriBullet she was using suddenly exploded. The container became separated from the base and her right hand came into contact with the blades. She had to undergo two operations to repair fractures to her fingers and damages to tendons and nerves in her hand. She was unable to work for many months and now suffers from a permanent reduction in the grip strength of her hand.

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We are pursuing claims against the manufacturer of NutriBullet blenders under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 because the safety of the product is not such as persons generally are entitled to expect.

If you or a relative has suffered injury as a result of this product, call a member of our team for a no obligation discussion of your options to gain compensation. The team of personal injury lawyers maintains a top ranking in both independent legal directories, Chambers and Partners and Legal 500. Our lawyers have successfully recovered compensation for victims of a broad range of defective products.

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