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How to claim compensation for sports injuries

If you have suffered a sport or leisure injury you may be eligible to claim personal injury compensation.

Our sports injury solicitors have considerable experience and knowledge of the rules, regulations and laws that apply. We have successfully recovered personal injury compensation for victims of accidents at fairgrounds, sports grounds, leisure centres as well in amateur and professional events.

What type of sport injuries can you claim for?

The organiser and sometimes the other participants have a responsibility for keeping the event or the venue safe for the sport or leisure activity you are participating in. If they don’t follow the rules, in a reckless way, you may be able to bring a compensation claim either against the owner of the premises, the organiser of an event or one of the other participants.

Our specialist solicitors will be able to help you make a claim if you have injured as a result of:

  • A deliberate assault by another player or late/reckless tackle
  • Badly maintained equipment or dangerous ground conditions
  • A trainer given you bad advice or not providing the correct safety equipment
  • A dangerous venue or a poorly maintained stadium

If you have received an injury that was not your fault you will be able to claim compensation that will aid in your rehabilitation. We offer free advice and guidance without obligation. If you choose to instruct our leisure injury solicitors we will represent you on a no win, no fee basis.

Our sports injury claims experience

Hugh James has a wealth of experience in this specific area of law.  A few cases to note include:

  • Representing the first international rugby player to successfully sue another for injury occurring during an international rugby match in Paris.
  • A professional rugby player who suffered life altering injuries during a league game.
  • Children who injured themselves as a result of dangerous playground equipment.
  • Victims of excessive chemicals in a swimming pool.

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Mark Harvey


Mark Harvey is a Partner in the claimant division. He has obtained compensation for many individual victims of common but defective consumer products as well as victims of accidents overseas and arising out of travel generally.

Mark is the court appointed lead solicitor coordinating over 1,000 claimants in a group litigation order (GLO) arising out of the recall and health alert relating to the French manufacturer’s PIP silicone breast implants.

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