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Welfare Benefits Solicitors

Unlike most law firms, Hugh James has a specialist and highly regarded in-house Welfare Benefits team for over 20 years. We recognise the importance of providing a holistic service to our clients and that difficulties regarding disability &/or finances can arise at an early stage.

The firm runs multiple pro bono projects involving the Welfare Benefits department. It has provided free services to persons referred by specific charities, including national Headway & local groups.

Welfare benefits can help you financially should you suffer a serious personal injury and be unable to work as a result. You may also be entitled to them if you have not been injured, depending on your circumstances.

It is not something most of us think about, but were you to suffer a serious personal injury that affected your ability to work, how would this affect your financial situation, and would you be able to cope?

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Peter Renshaw is the head of our highly regarded Welfare Benefits Department, which has been in existence since the establishment of Potter Rees Dolan Solicitors.

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Welfare benefits explained

Even if you have not been injured, would you know where to get legal help if you require advice and assistance regarding welfare benefits entitlement?

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) provides a range of welfare benefits to sick, injured and disabled people, their carers and families. Some welfare benefits are there to:

  • Help injured and people with disabilities and their carers who are unable to work at all
  • Help injured and people with disabilities and their carers who are unable to earn as much

Click here for more information on welfare benefits available for people of working age.


How we can help

The welfare benefits rules and application forms can be complicated. At Hugh James we have a dedicated welfare benefits department which works closely with our clients after injury. We talk to clients in depth to find out about their personal circumstances, doing all we can to ensure they are claiming all of the welfare benefits to which they are entitled.

The Hugh James welfare benefits advisors have substantial experience in this area of work including disability, Appeal and Tribunal matters. Both have public and charity sector backgrounds. We operate at the highest quality level and achieve an excellent success rate in benefits appeals.

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