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18 May 2023 | Comment | Article by Andrew Harding

Action for Brain Injury Week: Every 90 Seconds

The theme of ABI week this year is ‘Every 90 Seconds’ to raise awareness of the fact that somebody is admitted to hospital every 90 seconds in the UK with a brain injury.

Brain injuries within this powerful statistic include, but are not limited to, injuries sustained during a road traffic collision, assault, workplace incident, falls, strokes or brain tumours.

According to Headway, road traffic collisions and assaults are two of the three most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

The Hugh James Serious Injury department specialises in assisting individuals who have sustained life changing acquired brain injuries through causes such as road traffic collisions and assaults.

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury and you require legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and approachable specialist solicitors on 029 2267 5870

Our team know the devastating effect a brain injury can have upon individuals and their loves ones. We have seen clients who are left to face long lasting symptoms such as chronic fatigue, memory loss, decreased concentration, word finding difficulties, persistent headaches or impaired balance.

This has an impact on family and friends whose lives can be significantly affected when a loved one experiences an acquired brain injury, from being thrown into the lifelong role of a carer to accepting that their loved one may present as a ‘different’ person after their injury.

In light of this, the statistic that ABI week is focused on this year is a sobering one.

The Headway charity has been a lifeline for many of our clients and their families. For more information regarding the support and services offered by Headway, please visit:

Author bio

Andrew is a consultant in the firm’s Neurolaw Department covering brain and spinal injuries and Court of Protection deputyship. Andrew established the firm’s dedicated Brain Injury Unit in 1998 and has over 30 years’ experience representing the survivors of catastrophic injury. He is responsible for the growth and development of the unit into a national multidisciplinary specialist department.

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