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23 March 2021 | Case Study |

Case Study: Lung cancer settlement for Urastone worker

Ms W was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2015, following historic asbestos exposure with Urastone who were part of British Eurolite, where she worked between 1963 and 1965. Sadly, she passed away in April 2017, aged 74. It was estimated that her life expectancy had been reduced by 11 years as a result of her diagnosis of asbestos related cancer.

Urastone manufactured asbestos products, and Ms W was required to cut asbestos sheets to the shape of a gas terminal. Once cut to size, she placed the sheets in a mould which was put into a large industrial oven. After they had been removed, Ms W filed and sanded down the mould which exposed her to asbestos dust.

Following her death, a claim was brought on behalf of Ms W’s estate, Ms W was also a lifelong heavy smoker, and the key issue was whether she had suffered sufficient asbestos exposure in her short period of employment to satisfy Helsinki criteria. This was a particularly challenging issue in light of Ms W’s extensive smoking history, however the matter was successfully resolved following negotiations with Urastone’s representatives.

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