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26 October 2018 | Comment |

Next in line for mass equal pay claims

Two large retailers are in the firing line to face mass equal pay claims from their female workforce.

Morrisons is accused of failing to pay its female customer assistants £2 an hour less than their male colleagues. It is being reported that the value of compensation for these claims could amount to £100 million. The clothing giant Next is also reportedly going to face equal pay claims amounting to £30 million. The equal pay claims against these retailers are at a very early stage and it appears that the claim forms have not yet been issued. Therefore there is a long way to go yet before these claims will be resolved.

ASDA and Sainsbury’s, amongst others, have already made headlines due to mass equal pay claims being submitted by their female workforce. A number of equal pay claims including those against ASDA and Sainsbury’s will be heard by the Court of Appeal on 23 October 2018 so this is one to keep an eye on.

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