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26 October 2018 | Comment | Article by Louise Price

Update of the Taylor Review of modern working practices

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices made recommendations for changes in the law to better reflect modern working practices and the growth of the gig economy. The government has now responded. It has not proposed changes to the law on employment status at this stage. Instead it has issued four key consultations asking questions about how the law might be changed.

These cover:

  1. employment status
  2. how to increase transparency in the UK labour market
  3. better protection of agency workers
  4. enforcement of employment rights

The government has also made the following proposals:

  • to set out a list of day-one rights for all workers including sick pay and holiday entitlements and the right to a payslip
  • to provide clearer financial information to agency workers
  • to increase the one week’s gap between assignments to preserve continuity of service which may help casual workers who have breaks in their work with an employer
  • to introduce a naming and shaming scheme for employers who do not pay employment tribunal awards
  • to give workers the right to request a ‘more stable’ contract

The government also plans to ask the Low Pay Commission to introduce a higher national minimum wage for workers on zero hours contracts.

It doesn’t look as though there will be any significant legal changes introduced – indeed there has been criticism that the government has announced plans for more consultation meaning an inevitable delay to the introduction of any changes. This is one to keep an eye on and we will update you as the consultations progress.

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A highly specialised lawyer, Louise is a Partner and Head of Employment and HR services. Her expertise includes corporate support work, TUPE, pensions and employee benefits advice. She regularly advises private, public and third sector clients regarding large scale TUPE transfers of staff including drafting indemnities and warranties, advising on potential employment and pension liabilities, information and consultation obligations, and providing best value guidance.

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