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17 August 2023 | Comment | Article by Martin Jones

Notification of Interest for licensed premises

Written by Nicola Jordan in the Licensing team.

Do you have a property interest in a licensed premises in England or Wales? If so, have you ensured that a notification of interest (“the notice”) has been lodged with the local Licensing Authority to ensure you are notified of licensing matters?

Who has a property interest?

A person has a property interest in premises if:

  • they have a legal interest in the premises as freeholder or leaseholder;
  • they are a legal mortgagee (within the meaning of the Law of Property Act 1925 (c.20));
  • they are in occupation of the premises; or
  • they have a prescribed interest in the premises

How long does a notice have effect?

12 months beginning with the day the notification is received by the Licensing Authority, you should renew it every 12 months so long as you have a property interest in the premises.

How much does it cost?

Currently £21 per notice.

What does the Licensing Authority tell a notice holder?

The Licensing Authority notify you if a change is made to the premises licence register when a notice is in effect. A change will be any application made (by any party), any notice given or other matter which affects the premises licence register for that premises.

What is the benefit to me?

The worst-case scenario would be an application to surrender the premises licence or an application for review of the premises licence. If you have registered a notice of interest and you are notified of either of these applications, in particular, you will have an opportunity to intervene and endeavour to save the premises licence from surrender or review (or at least work with authorities to understand the reasons for the review).

Contact one of the Licensing team for further information about notifications of interest or any other premises licence issues.

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