24 December 2021 | Comment | Article by Leah Ellison

Welsh Covid Restrictions from 26 December 2021

The First Minister for Wales, Mark Drakeford, has announced new Covid measures to come into force from 6am on 26 December 2021. This is in response to rising numbers of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Please note that this article applies to Wales only.

The measures will once again see some of the previous restrictions, such as 2 metre social distancing, return. We have summarised the rules below:


2 metre social distancing

Boxing day will see the 2 metre social distancing rule return, meaning that individuals have to keep 2 metres (6 feet) apart from others in offices and public spaces such as shops, cinemas and theatres. Premises should take steps to ensure social distancing measures can be kept between customers.


Only 6 people can meet in public places and licenced premises restrictions

Once again, in Wales, we will return to the “rule of 6” meaning that groups of no more than 6 will be able to meet in regulated premises (such as hospitality, cinemas and theatres).

Licensed premises must also have to take additional measures meaning the return of table service and mask wearing when not seated, in addition to the restriction of the rule of 6 and social distancing.


Nightclubs will close

Originally planned to close on 27 December 2021, nightclubs will now close a day earlier.


Event capacity restrictions

Large events will not be allowed indoors or outdoors. The maximum number of people who can gather at an indoor event will be 30, and 50 for outdoors. There is, however, an exception for team sports where 50 spectators can gather in addition to those taking part.


The rules have seen pantomimes and Christmas performances cancelled, with theatres unable to adhere to the social distancing and event capacity restrictions.

Further information on the restrictions coming into force on 26 December can be found here and you can read more on the regulations here.

For more information or advice about your licenced premises or event, please contact our Regulatory Team.


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