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21 August 2014 | Comment | Article by Mark Harvey

Group litigation order approved for personal injury claims arising from the DePuy Pinnacle metal on metal hip

A group litigation order (GLO) has been approved at the High Court in London for potential claimants implanted with the DePuy Pinnacle metal on metal hip prosthesis. The GLO will allow solicitors to coordinate the litigation and to present test cases to the court outlining the common issues suffered by those implanted.

A group register of claimants has been put in place as of 1 August 2014. Individuals wishing to pursue personal injury compensation claims will need to have their cases investigated and then have their names entered onto the group register.

Hugh James solicitors are one of five firms appointed by the court under the GLO as solicitors representing claimants across England and Wales. Mark Harvey is head of the Hugh James Personal Injury Team and is representing Welsh claimants within the DePuy Pinnacle Metal on Metal GLO.

Mark said:

“If you are suffering health concerns after a metal on metal hip replacement, and you suspect it is a DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement, it is important that you come forward to see whether you have a claim that should be going on the register. Once the register is closed, and if you have a problem with one of these hip devices, you may no longer be able to claim compensation.”

If you would like further details about joining the GLO register, contact Mark Harvey or Pauline Roberts on 029 2039 1187.

Author bio

Mark Harvey


Mark Harvey is a Partner in the claimant division. He has obtained compensation for many individual victims of common but defective consumer products as well as victims of accidents overseas and arising out of travel generally.

Mark is the court appointed lead solicitor coordinating over 1,000 claimants in a group litigation order (GLO) arising out of the recall and health alert relating to the French manufacturer’s PIP silicone breast implants.

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