18 February 2020 | Webinars | Article by Huw Thomas

Hugh James Webinars: Full series

Welcome to Hugh James Webinars - our dedicated webinar series from our experts at Hugh James. In our webinars, we talk about topical issues and the latest developments affecting the public and social housing sectors to help provide some practical guidance for you and your organisation.

If you would like to take part in the conversation or need some further guidance for your organisation, please get in touch using the contact form. You can also suggest topics you would like us to cover, by filling in our short survey below.

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COVID-19 Q&A for Landlords replay

Hosted by Bethan Gladwyn and Rebecca Rees, this webinar provided the opportunity to ask questions about the particular challenges you are facing around COVID-19 Coronavirus in relation to keeping your tenants safe and other landlord and tenant housing concerns.

Webinar: COVID-19 Q&A for Landlords replay


COVID-19 Support - Shared resources - legal considerations for collaborative working replay

Invited as a guest speaker by Community Housing Cymru (CHC), Emily Powell considers the legal considerations for collaborative working in these challenging COVID-19 Coronavirus times.

Webinar: COVID-19 Support - Shared resources - legal considerations for collaborative working replay


Project Bank Accounts replay

An introduction to Project Bank Accounts, covering the what, why and how.

Webinar: Project Bank Accounts replay


Award Letters replay

This webinar discusses best practice when it comes to the content of award letters, options available to contracting authorities and tips on what to avoid.

Webinar: Award Letters replay


Off-site manufacturing replay

An introduction to off-site manufacturing, covering the what, why and how of this modern method of construction.

Webinar: Off-site Manufacturing replay


Impact of the PCR on development agreements replay

This webinar looks at the impact of public procurement rules on planning obligations and development agreements. These issues are examined in light of the Court of Appeal judgment in the case of Faraday v West Berkshire Council [November 2018].

Webinar: Impact of the PCR on development agreements replay


Flytipping replay

Looking at how local authorities are using civil remedies and how these operate in practice, what input is required from the local authority, how much the remedies cost and what practical benefits they may bring.

Webinar: Flytipping replay


Abandoned Vehicles replay

We look at the powers and duties which the police and local authorities have in relation to abandoned vehicles and what other options are available.

Webinar: Abandoned Vehicles replay


Contractor Insolvency replay

A step by step guide to preventing these issues through due diligence as well as helping you navigate the legal minefield of contractor insolvency.

Webinar: Contractor Insolvency replay


Town and Village Greens replay

Applications to register a green can be seen as a useful tool to frustrate development of land even where the land has been used for very different reasons.

Webinar: Town and Village Greens replay


Immigration replay

Prompted by the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit, many of our clients have been seeking views about what might happen after Brexit.

Webinar: Immigration replay




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