7 June 2012 | Firm news | Article by Stephen Webber

Increasing numbers of women are being compensated for medical negligence after having a contraceptive coil implanted

Medical negligence solicitor and Partner Stephen Webber of the Medical Negligence Team at Hugh James solicitors in Cardiff has today commented on the increasing number of women who are experiencing medical negligence as a result of having the contraceptive coil implanted. Stephen is a specialist medical negligence solicitor, and heads one of the largest teams of medical negligence solicitors in the UK. He and his team act for patients across the country that have been affected by negligent treatment.

Recent reports have suggested that an increasing number of women who are having the contraceptive coil implanted are claiming medical negligence compensation from their GPs, with sums as high as £100,000 being paid.

A study was carried out by the union which represents doctors accused of negligent treatment, and it found that between 2002 and 2011 a high proportion of coil implants had resulted in complications. These complications ranged from damage to blood vessels otherwise known as uterine perforation, perforated uteruses, pregnancy and instances of GPs implanting a second coil without removing the first.

Stephen Webber, a specialist medical negligence solicitor says “Compensation has been awarded to these women after they received below par treatment from their NHS trust. I’m surprised it has taken this long for a study to be carried out into these cases of clinical negligence, and I would now urge the NHS to identify the failings that exist and implement a plan of action to improve care”.

As a result of the study the union will shortly publish an advisory bulletin for doctors implanting contraceptive coils. The chair of the Royal College of GPs has responded to the findings by insisting that contraceptive coils are a safe, effective and reversible form of contraception that should be more widely promoted.

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