Slip trip and falls compensation claims

The impact of an injury from slips and trips can devastate an individual and their family. Alongside the pain and distress caused, individuals and their families may also suffer financial loss due to lost earnings and the need to pay for further treatment.


How do I make a slip and trip claim?

During your free, no obligation consultation, our specialist solicitors will discuss whether you are entitled to make a claim. If negligence is established, we will discuss the various options with you, including the no win, no fee element of your personal injury claim. You will be provided with a step-by-step breakdown of how we will proceed with your accident at work compensation claim without obligation to proceed.


What causes a slip and trip accidents?

There are many different causes of these accidents at work, including:

  • Floors being left wet after cleaning
  • Spillages on floors that haven’t been mopped up
  • Upturned mats and carpets
  • Uneven floors or floorboards
  • Files, boxes and other furniture or items being left in walkways
  • Electric cables crossing walkways.

Most of us have probably, at one time or another, taken a fall in the workplace. Quite often, there are no serious consequences apart from embarrassment. However, in more serious cases, individuals may sustain a severe workplace injury from a slip or trip.


What injuries are commonly sustained from a slip and trip accident?

Common slipping and tripping injuries in the workplace can include:

  • Ankle injuries
  • Arm injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Wrist injuries.

In the more serious cases, individuals may suffer permanent disability or even death.


Who is responsible for my accident?

UK law recognises that slips and trips are not always just ‘accidents’. There are legal provisions in place to help those injured at work to claim personal injury compensation should their employer be at fault.

Our specialist solicitors provide expert assistance in claiming and recovering the right amount of compensation, accessing the right rehabilitation treatment, and in providing the right financial and benefits advice you may need in the aftermath of your accident.


How much does compensation can I expect from a slip and fall claim?

This really depends on your circumstances and the severity of your injury. This can vary between individuals, but be rest assured that our specialist team is experienced in ensuring that you and your family receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Compensation will include an award for the:

  • pain, injury or illness;
  • lost earnings or if it has affected your ability to carry on working in the role you were working in;
  • incurred expenditure you would not otherwise have incurred to replace or repair damaged property;
  • medical bills; or
  • adaptations made to your home

We will investigate whether you have a legitimate claim free of charge, and without obligation. If we believe you have a claim, we can act on your behalf on a no win, no fee basis.

The Hugh James Employer Liability Team is one of the largest workplace injury teams in the UK and the largest in Wales. Our experience, knowledge and expertise mean that we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.


How long does a slip, trip and fall claim take?

There are a number of factors that affect a personal injury claim. These make it difficult to give an exact timescale and are affected by:

  • The availability to collect evidence
  • Whether the entity responsible admits liability
  • The nature of your injury and illness

It’s important to consider all these factors as our specialist solicitors need to evaluate the true impact of your injury or illness when calculating your compensation.

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Your questions answered

How much will making a claim cost?


In the vast majority of cases, our slip and trip accident claims are funded on a no win, no fee basis, also known as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs).

This means that if your case is unsuccessful you will not have to pay anything. We will only take on your case if, after assessing your claim, we decide that there is a reasonable chance of success. Our initial consultation is free, so you won’t pay a penny if we don’t accept your case.

Will I have to go to court?


Only a small percentage of personal injury claims brought will actually proceed to trial though we do prepare every case in depth to make sure we are ready should it go to court.

The personal injury procedural system is geared towards encouraging parties to be open with each other so that any claims for compensation can be settled without the need for going to court, which can save both time and cost.

A lot of people are naturally nervous and uncomfortable about going to court.  We understand this and will advise you every step of the way, should your case reach a trial.

Will bringing a slip and fall claim affect my job?


If you have been injured at work and then exercise your right to bring a claim for compensation against your employer, you should then not be adversely treated by your employer. The reality is that although you may be bringing a claim against your employer in name, your claim will actually be handled by your employer’s insurers or solicitors.

What are the time limits in respect of bringing a personal injury claim?


There are strict time limits in personal injury claims.  The usual rule is that a potential claimant has three years from the date of an accident within which to bring a claim for compensation.

The court does have the discretion to override the three year period, but it is not regularly exercised.

Although there is a three year period within which to bring court proceedings, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible should you believe you might have a claim.  


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