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29 September 2021 | Comment | Article by Lynn Yeates

The Asbestos team reach the final checkpoint in the #MoveForMeso challenge

Having completed an impressive 663 virtual miles as part of the #MoveForMeso challenge, the Asbestos team have arrived back to their headquarters in Cardiff after visiting Cambridge, London, Southampton and Plymouth, where members of the team are now based to strengthen the team’s offering to those suffering from asbestos diseases all over the UK.

Members of the team took part in a total of 72 running and cycling activities to complete the challenge, which amounted to 7,209 metes in elevation to reach the final virtual checkpoint.

Our Associate, Angharad Jones, reflects the incredible work done by AASC (Asbestos Awareness Support Cymru) that support those suffering from asbestos related conditions all over Wales.

AASC began its journey in November 2011 when Jo Barnes-Mannings and Lorna Johns became aware through Jo’s personal experience that there was a need within Wales for those living with asbestos related illnesses to establish their own network of help, support and awareness. The focus or mission of the group is to strive to make the lives of those living with asbestos related illnesses and their families better.

The group give support to victims of asbestos related diseases in numerous ways to include by telephone, online and circulate a quarterly newsletter to subscribers. They also provide specialised support to those suffering from mesothelioma. They are continually raising awareness about asbestos related diseases while giving a voice to the victims of asbestos related diseases and their families within Wales.

Through Lock down AASC provided support to its patients via Zoom to ensure that people were supported throughout this very difficult time.

AASC continue to hold a monthly zoom support group and is due to launch a second support group to support those suffering from benign conditions with the first support group on 5 October. Anyone wishing to join the support group should contact: [email protected].

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Lynn Yeates


Lynn Yeates joined Hugh James in April 2021 and is a Partner in the Specialist Asbestos team based in the Southampton office. She specialises solely in asbestos disease litigation and has a long history of representing victims of asbestos exposure and their families.

Lynn has considerable experience working on complex, high value compensation claims and has strong links with medical specialists, palliative care providers, support organisations and barristers. She has in excess of 15 years’ experience working solely with people diagnosed with illnesses such as mesothelioma and other serious asbestos related illnesses.

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