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13 June 2019 | Comment | Article by Eleanor Evans TEP

Dealing with bereavement

As lawyers, we have the privilege of being involved with some of our clients’ most significant life changes, and where we can, we will make the transition go as smoothly as possible. Given the broad range of departments we have, that process can range from helping an entrepreneur set up a business, assisting someone to buy the home of their dreams or sometimes gaining access to justice for a loved one following a period of difficulty, while they become accustomed to a “new normal”.

Frequently, our solicitors will be speaking with clients who are experiencing agonising grief and we recognise the impact that having the right approach can have when providing professional help and guidance.

We all struggle to know what to say to someone who is bereaved and wonder how best to support them. In a professional context, this can be particularly challenging as there will be certain information you need in order to be able to do your job properly. Having an awareness of what to avoid, the behaviours you may observe when dealing with bereaved customers or clients, and getting the conversation right for them can have a huge impact and ensure they have confidence in your professional service. Cruse Bereavement Care have been providing support in this way for 60 years and specialise in training people who encounter the bereaved in the course of their work. As part of our commitment to third sector organisations, we have worked in partnership with Cruse to develop a half day workshop, ideally suited for those employed by charities, housing associations and other third sector organisations.

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