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4 September 2023 | Witness Appeals | Article by Phoebe Osborne

Did you work with Geoffrey Ellender at Rotary Hoes/Howard Rotavator Ltd or D & W Betts Limited and Bickford Brothers?

The family of Geoffrey Ellender are looking to get in touch with his former colleagues after his death from mesothelioma. His family are continuing the claim with the specialist asbestos claims team at Hugh James.

Geoffrey Ellender

Mesothelioma is an asbestos related cancer, the only known cause of which is previous exposure to asbestos.

In order to pursue a successful civil compensation claim, we need to be able to demonstrate how Geoff came into contact with asbestos during his working life.

Geoff worked at Rotary Hoes/Howard Rotavator as an apprentice between 1962 and 1967. After completion of his apprenticeship, he continued to work at Howard Rotavator until late 1971.

After his time at Howard Rotavator, Geoff went into self-employed work as an Artexer where he was a sub-contractor for D W Betts from late 1971 for many years. Following this he was a sub-contractor for Bickford Brothers in the mid 1970’s.

In cases like this, witnesses are crucial in the pursuit of justice. Geoff’s family are now appealing for help from Geoff’s former work colleagues who might be able to provide further details about this work which exposed Geoff to asbestos in unprotected conditions.

If anyone worked with Geoff either at Rotary Hoes/Howard Rotavator Limited or when he was a sub-contractor for D & W Betts Limited and Bickford Brothers in Essex, we would like to hear from you.

Phoebe Osborne, asbestos-related disease specialist solicitor at Hugh James Cambridge who is supporting Geoff’s family, said:

“Sadly, Geoff was very unwell following his diagnosis with the aggressive cancer mesothelioma and we were unable to meet with him in hospital to discuss his asbestos exposure as he was too unwell for visitors.

Geoff’s family remain understandably devastated by his tragic death. The family have a number of questions about Geoff’s past asbestos exposure and are keen to speak to his former work colleagues.

“While nothing can make up for the loss of a much loved family member, we are determined to support this family in their search for the truth. Any information held by Geoff’s former work colleagues could prove vital to the investigation and in providing the family with the answers they deserve.”

Anyone who worked with Geoffrey Ellender at Rotary Hoes/Howard Rotavator Limited or when he was a sub-contractor for D & W Betts Limited and Bickford Brothers at the same time or before/after, who has information regarding asbestos exposure, should contact us on: 01223 660206.

Armed with the experience and specialist knowledge that is required for this complex area, Hugh James has helped thousands of people who have been either injured or developed an illness as a result of their work.

Author bio

Phoebe Osborne

Legal Director

Phoebe joined Hugh James in March 2021 and is a Legal Director in the specialist Asbestos team. Phoebe has acted solely for Claimants in asbestos disease litigation since qualifying as a solicitor in 2013. Since then, she has successfully obtained compensation for a significant number of patients following their diagnoses of mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening and lung cancer.

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