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26 October 2018 | Comment |

It’s good to talk – networking events for board members from housing associations in Wales

Community Housing Cymru’s Governance Conference in 2018 was without a doubt the best attended yet. Combined with calls from leading figures in the sector for board members to be provided with a helping hand, a significant influx of new faces following the “nine-year-rule” reshuffle and the weight of responsibility felt keenly in the aftermath of Grenfell, it is clear that board members should be a priority.

In March, the Regulatory Board for Wales published its guide for improving housing association governance in Wales. “The Right Stuff” highlighted the need for a support package to be put in place for board members to be given the opportunity to meet and learn from one another. In response to this call, on 4September, Hugh James will be hosting the first in a series of networking events for board members from housing associations in Wales. Led by Community Housing Cymru, these events will be an opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences, share creative solutions and develop a network that can provide a consistent source of support in a time of change and challenge.

Hugh James and Community Housing Cymru are keen that board members themselves help shape the forum by telling us what you need. To ensure that as many board members as possible can contribute and do so on an anonymous basis, we have engaged polling technology so that this becomes a forum that is a genuine reflection of what boards need. By following this link, within a couple of clicks you can cast your vote to let us know what you consider a priority.

Each session will be facilitated by Community Housing Cymru with the focus of the first event being the Affordable Housing Review. The review will examine whether more can be done to increase the supply of affordable housing in Wales. It will:

  • Examine the scope for increasing match funding to build more affordable homes, to maximise the number of homes created by the Welsh Government’s contribution to social housing
  • Review the arrangements governing partnership working between local authorities and housing associations
  • Consider the implications of moving to deliver zero carbon homes by 2020, including the role of off-site manufacture and modern methods of construction
  • Review the standards governing affordable housing and advise on whether they require updating
  • Make recommendations regarding a sustainable rent policy that will both allow long term affordability for tenants and allow viability of existing and new housing developments.

The review will be expected to issue a report and make recommendations to the Minister by the end of April 2019. A podcast interview with Lynn Pamment, Chair of the review is available here.

Our schedule of events will then proceed as follows:

3December 2018 – an opportunity to meet with members of the Regulatory Board for Wales and enjoy a festive drink with panoramic views of Cardiff from our new office at 2, Central Square, Cardiff

7March 2019 – networking at the Vale Hotel as part of the Community Housing Cymru Governance Conference programme

If you would like to be added to our mailing list to be kept updated with arrangements for these events, please email [email protected]

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