21 May 2020 | Comment | Article by Abigail Flanagan

VIDEO | Everybody loves good neighbours: Boundary disputes and the legal essentials

With more people at home during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been getting a lot of queries about boundary disputes.

Questions like:

  • Where are the dividing lines between my home and my neighbour?
  • What is the legal position if I have a disagreement with someone over land?
  • How can I take effective action when I think something is wrong?

In this 15 minute video, we provide you with an overview – to help you understand what a boundary is, how you can find out where it is and what to do if you get into a disagreement.

Our Head of Property Litigation, Rob Phillips and Senior Associate Rebecca Rees talk through the key issues. If you understand the legal position, you’re less likely to get into a difficult dispute.

Our Experts:

Rob Phillips is Head of Property Dispute Resolution at Hugh James. He leads a team with a broad range of experience across the full scope of property disputes including adverse possession claims, squatter evictions, compulsory purchase, easements, wayleaves and other third party rights, dilapidations claims, lease renewal litigation, the operation of break clauses, possession claims and housing law litigation.

Rebecca Rees has been a member of our Property Dispute team since qualification in 1999, and has built up a reputation as a leading expert in the area. She has extensive experience of landlord and tenant matters, both commercial and residential, and of property disputes such as boundary issues, restrictive covenants, easements and other property rights, public and private rights of way.

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