Unfortunately doctors are not as infallible as we would like them to be. They can make mistakes.

If you have experienced negligence from a GP you may be able to claim compensation.

Mistakes that some General Practitioners make include:

  • Failing to adequately examine a patient;
  • Failing to make a home visit;
  • Making wrong medical diagnoses;
  • Issuing wrong prescriptions;
  • Failing to consult specialists;
  • Failing to diagnose serious disease;
  • Bungled medical procedures; and
  • Not keeping proper medical records.

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Mari Rosser is Head of Medical Negligence. Her main area of expertise is clinical negligence; she is a member of both The Law Society’s clinical negligence panel and the referral panel for Action against Medical Accidents.

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GP negligence claims

For many patients, their GP is the first port of call if they have a medical query or require medical treatment. When considering GP treatment of patients, claims for negligence can fall into one of two categories.

These two categories can broadly be described as a failure to do something or a positive act which causes harm to a patient.

Failure to Act

A failure to act by a GP could include:

  • Failure to prescribe medication;
  • Failure to diagnose a certain condition;
  • Failure to recommend appropriate medical treatment;
  • Failure to refer to another doctor/hospital who the patient should have been directed towards; and
  • Failure to alert a patient that he/she has a certain medical condition of which the GP is aware.

Positive Action

As opposed to a failure to carry out a certain duty a GP may take positive action, which causes harm to the patient. This might include:

  • The prescription of medication which is inappropriate; and
  • The administration of some treatment which leads to the patient suffering harm.

Hugh James negligence claims experience

Over the years the medical negligence experts at Hugh James have successfully recovered damages for many patients and have become experts in this field of medical negligence.

We have access to the best specialist medical experts to enable us to obtain evidence of past and possible future needs to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the disability you suffer.

We treat every client with sensitivity and care, whilst aiming at the same time to deliver results including the highest financial settlement possible.

We are able to assist you on a no win, no fee basis.

If you or a member of your family has suffered as a result of a medical negligence, contact our friendly and approachable team today.

If after talking to us you decide not to take matters further you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged for our initial advice session.

We are dedicated to your best interests and can advise you on how to proceed.

Typical GP negligence claims

The commonest reasons for negligence claims against GP's include:

  • Failure to visit a patient at home where the history suggests a possibly serious problem;
  • Failure to adequately examine the patient;
  • Not acting on the results of tests (such as abnormal cervical smear result);
  • Failure to communicate with other health care professionals resulting in sub-standard care;
  • Failure to adequately investigate symptoms;
  • Failure to refer to a specialist when necessary;
  • Not keeping proper records resulting in harm to the patient;
  • Performing minor surgical procedures they are not competent to undertake; and
  • Inappropriate prescribing of drugs.

Whatever your injury, Hugh James have the commitment, resources, expertise, experience and standing to get the result you want - and to make the process of pursuing medical negligence compensation claims, also known as clinical negligence claims, as easy as possible for you.

If you believe that you have suffered harm as a result of any action/inaction of your GP then you may have a potential medical negligence claim.

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