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MRSA compensation claims

MRSA is an increasingly common bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. The hospital environment can present many opportunities for MRSA to enter a patient’s body such as via open wounds, surgical scars etc.

  • MRSA does not respect age. Newborn babies have become infected via their umbilical cords and in a recent case a 27-year-old was infected during an operation on his broken leg.
  • MRSA is prevalent in the community and can be carried by people without causing any detriment to their health.
  • Patients undergoing surgical procedures or who require catheters or drips are vulnerable to infection if Health Authority policies and procedures are not followed.
  • This strain of bacteria is resistant to most antibiotic treatments although Vancamycin and Teicoplanin are used to treat this type of infection with success. Infection can result in prolonged hospitalisation, amputation and fatalities.
  • Mainly transmitted by poor hygiene in hospitals and contributed to by the lack of barrier nursing facilities in hospitals.
  • Hospital acquired MRSA may be distinguished from community strains and many hospitals require patients to be screened prior to admission for surgical procedures.

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Ruth is a Partner and Head of our Clinical Negligence Department. She has exclusively practised in clinical negligence since qualifying in 1995 and has a wealth of experience in complex and high value clinical negligence claims.

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If you have contracted an MRSA infection whilst undergoing hospital treatment you should contact Hugh James Negligence solicitors who offer a dedicated local and national service. Hugh James is ranked first as a representative of Claimants by Chambers and Partners, the Independent Guide to Law Firms:

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In addition to our specialist solicitors, we also have experts in various necessary support fields, including medical, scientific and social work qualified executives.

We believe in flexibility and are happy to arrange a free interview in the first instance whether in our offices, at your home or even in hospital. Before proceeding with any claim, we can advise you of any entitlement or assistance that may be available through the community legal service, personal insurance cover or even how to proceed on a no win, no fee basis if suitable.

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This is often a matter of expert evidence, and an appropriate Microbiologist can provide an opinion on this point, although if you have a negative swab upon admission to hospital then you are almost bound to succeed on this point.

Hugh James has already obtained details of Infection Control Policies for a number of hospitals under the Freedom of Information Act and in a number of cases are able to establish whether there has been a breach of the policies immediately.

It is not enough to show that MRSA was contracted in hospital: it must be established that you suffered a further injury. MRSA is prevalent in the community and can be carried by people without causing any detriment to their health.

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