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There are 69,000 gall bladder operations in England and Wales each year. Unfortunately surgery is not always as precise or safe as we would like it to be.

However, the Hugh James medical negligence team are on hand to help if you are unhappy with the outcome of gall bladder surgery.

Gall bladder removal can lead to further injuries and follow up surgery. These often painful injuries occur as a result of your surgeon wrongly identifying or damaging parts of the anatomy. If you have to undergo surgery to have your gall bladder removed by telescopic camera you should expect to be in hospital for one to two days, making a full recovery within two weeks. If you have to go through open surgery this could increase to a few days in hospital, making a full recovery within four weeks.

If your recovery period is longer than this and if you have had follow up surgery including the need for annual check-ups there is a good chance you have been the victim of clinical negligence.

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Ruth Powell


Ruth is a Partner and Head of our Clinical Negligence Department. She has exclusively practised in clinical negligence since qualifying in 1995 and has a wealth of experience in complex and high value clinical negligence claims.

Case study

The unfortunate case of Hugh James’ client June Wyles has highlighted the increasing number of problems following keyhole surgery operations in the UK. Mrs Wyles, who had undergone a keyhole operation to remove her gallbladder, in order to relieve her from discomfort caused by gallstones, has had her story published in the Daily Mail.

June came to the Hugh James negligence team, headed up by Partner Stephen Webber, following her operation after it was discovered that the surgeon who operated on her caused a leak from her bile duct and there was a negligent delay in diagnosing the problem. Unfortunately, June has been left with the prospect of ongoing pain and discomfort. Five years on Mrs Wyles and the highly acclaimed negligent team at Hugh James have managed to successfully sue the hospital, The Royal Cornwall ­Hospital in Truro for negligence.

Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Compensation for gall bladder negligence

The Hugh James clinical and medical negligence team are undoubtedly the leaders in Wales. The highly acclaimed team has helped to recover thousands of pounds in compensation for their clients all over the UK.

If you have experienced extended pain and suffering as a result of a gall bladder removal operation and you feel you may be eligible for compensation typically compensation for minor injuries could provide between £1,000 and £5,000. More severe injuries could provide up to £125,000. Loss of earnings and expenses can also be claimed in addition to this.

Read about one of our gall bladder negligence cases on the Wales online website.

Hugh James medical negligence experience

Over the years the clinical negligence experts at Hugh James have successfully recovered damages for many patients and have become experts in the field of medical negligence.

We have access to the best specialist medical experts to enable us to obtain evidence of past and possible future needs to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the disability you suffer.

We treat every client with sensitivity and care, whilst aiming at the same time to deliver results including the highest financial settlement possible.

We are able to assist you on a no win, no fee basis.

If you or a member of your family has suffered as a result of a medical negligence, contact our friendly and approachable team today.

If after talking to us you decide not to take matters further you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged for our initial advice session. We are dedicated to your best interests and can advise you on how to proceed.

We make the process of pursuing clinical or medical negligence compensation claims as easy as possible for you.

Our team of lawyers is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our expertise and experience in this area enable us to win cases which other lawyers would not pursue.

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