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Lunch & Learn eLearning Week with Legal Network | 24-28 May

Lunch & Learn e-learning week | 24-28 May with Legal Network | Hugh James

We’ve really missed seeing you at our usual face to face events and know that professional development has been challenging over the last year. So, we've decided to host an entire week of lunchtime topical talks for our Legal Network members.

It’s an action-packed series of online training and legal updates, that’s easy to access and we hope you can join us.

To help you get the most from our flexible training content, we're focusing our e-learning week on themed days. We’ll cover the key areas you want to know more about through a blend of webinars, articles and videos.

The e-learning week 5 key areas include:

You can access the e-learning week's full content below, as it becomes available. 


Dispute Resolution

View the latest updates from our Dispute Resolution team, covering town and village greens, boundary disputes and flytipping.

Webinar: Town and Village Greens replay

Webinar replay | Town & Village Greens

To address the complexities of this difficult area of law, Rob Phillips Head of Property Dispute Resolution and Rebecca Rees, Senior Associate recently hosted a webinar, covering a variety of Town and Village Green related topics. This includes when a right to apply to register land as a Town or Village Green might arise and what landowners can do to protect themselves and prevent registration.

For public sector - Everybody loves good neighbours: Boundary disputes and the legal essentials

Video | Boundary disputes & the legal essentials

In this 15 minute video, we provide you with an overview – to help you understand what a boundary is, how you can find out where it is and what to do if you get into a disagreement. Our Head of Property Dispute Resolution, Rob Phillips and Senior Associate, Rebecca Rees, talk through the key issues. If you understand the legal position, you’re less likely to get into a difficult dispute.

For Public sector - HJ Housing Week - Impact of Rights of Way Claims and Town/Village Greens on proposed developments

Video | Impact of rights of way claims on proposed developments

It is essential that developers understand their obligations regarding town and village greens and public rights of way as both can significantly impact their ability to develop land as they may have envisaged. Rob Phillips, Partner and Head of Property Litigation, is joined by Rebecca Rees, Senior Associate in Property Litigation and Housing Management to discuss the relevance of this kind of application by local opposition groups, in this video.

This includes where these rights are already reflected in a local authority’s register giving the public certain rights to use them and which can constitute an offence for a developer to disrupt. During the video, our team will help you understand the processes required to address these rights and what can be done to minimise or mitigate their impact on a proposed development.

Webinar: Flytipping replay

Webinar replay | Flytipping

Flytipping remains a perennial issue for Local Authorities. Whilst criminal remedies exist, statistics suggest that such remedies are seldom relied upon. No doubt this is in no small part due to the difficultly in identifying the perpetrators. Research suggests that it is often highly organised gangs that are responsible for this behaviour.

The costs associated with cleaning up illegally dumped waste can be high, particularly where the waste is contaminated. It is against this background that a number of London Local Authorities have begun utilising the civil law to tackle these issues. There is extensive evidence that the use of possession orders and injunctions to prevent flytipping has proved to be highly successful.

Partner and Head of the Property Dispute Resolution team, Robert Phillips, Partner and Head of Property Litigation, and Rebecca Rees, Senior Associate in the Property Dispute Resolution team recently hosted a webinar to look at how these civil remedies operate in practice, what input is required from the local authority, how much the remedies cost and what practical benefits they may bring.

Corporate / Commercial | Tuesday 25 May

View the latest updates from our Corporate, Commercial & Finance teams, covering global investments, online selling, virtual AGMs and the changing banking and finance sector.

Webinar replay | Common issues in corporate transactions: a case study

Taking you through a case study, LowriGemma and Natalie, from our Corporate/Commercial team, look at the main aspects of a management buyout and some of the common pitfalls and issues which may arise, including the assignment of intellectual property. Our Banking & Finance expert, Rowena Downie, covers the key banking issues you may come across, such as loan note instruments and intercreditor issues.

Webinar: Around the World - Global Investments with Arbuthnot Latham replay 18.05.2021

Webinar replay | Around the World - Global Investments

We’re delighted to join forces with the private and commercial bank, Arbuthnot Latham, for an online session where we take a tour ‘Around the World' – and discuss the biggest global trends shaping the financial markets right now.

Gregory Perdon, (Co-Chief Investment Officer) and Edward Johnstone (Associate Director, Investment Management) investigate some of the potential risks of $100 oil, inflationary spikes and/or rising bond yields and ask, could these factors derail stock markets in 2021?

Video | Digital Dilemma series: How To Sell Your Goods Online – The Legal Way

Perhaps COVID-19 has forced your clients to join the digital marketplace, with restrictions putting a stop to real-life trade fairs and local shows. 

This video series aims to support self-employed artists, designers, makers and anyone selling their creations online, through sharing experiences in setting up online platforms and key legal and financial insights. Read more

Blog | How is the banking and finance sector responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

Credit committees, relationship directors, lending & securities teams, banks’ treasury teams and corporate management teams have built up a wealth of knowledge from shared experiences. And, they now have a huge desire to collaborate and work positively together.

In his day-to-day work, as Head of the Banking & Finance team at Hugh James, Dominic Marshall explains how he is seeing a collective effort across the sector. And, the big difference about this crisis? Everyone’s working together. Read more

Podcast | Holding AGMs virtually

COVID-19 has presented organisations with unique and unprecedented challenges, including how to comply with the obligation to hold an AGM. The UK Government introduced legislation which temporarily allows organisations to hold virtual AGMs to better accommodate social distancing rules.

Our Corporate team gives an overview of the key considerations organisations should keep in mind when holding a virtual AGM, together with practical hints and tips to ensure that these meetings are conducted as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Real Estate & Real Estate Finance

Live webinar - postponed - new details to be confirmed

Open laptop with a notepad and pen and a coffee cup and coffee jug with flowers in a vase | Hugh James

POSTPONED - Real Estate & Real Estate Finance webinar

The future of town centres post-pandemic
New date and time to be confirmed

Our expert panel will discuss the world of post-pandemic town centres with special guest speaker Harry Badham, Head of UK Development at AXA Real Estate. The webinar will discuss various topics including how the need for, and the use of, town centre property is evolving, with John Hussey covering recent planning updates to use class regulations and Jody Bingham on property financing issues.

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View the latest updates from our Real Estate & Real Estate Finance teams, covering financial covenant issues, updates to the town & country planning (use classes) regulations and considerations for future housing schemes.

Financial Covenant Issues

Video | Financial covenant issues relating to & after the COVID-19 pandemic

Jody Bingham, Partner in our Banking & Finance team, discusses issues that are likely to be relevant in relation to financial covenants contained in real estate investment loan agreements as a result of and as we come out of the pandemic. These are key provisions which every borrower ought to be considering.

Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020

Video | Legal Updates on the Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020

John Hussey, a Real Estate Partner in our London office is going to give an overview of how the planning environment is changing and outline some of the legislative changes to the regime which relate to town centres in England. He will cover the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020 and new Permitted Development rights what the impact of these have on various sectors.

Webinar: The Future Use of Spaces replay

Webinar replay | The future use of spaces

We discuss the impact of these challenging times on the housing sector across the UK. Caroline O’Flaherty, Partner in our Commercial Property department focuses on three aspects – considerations for future housing schemes, the impact on housing association headquarter offices and consequences for the commercial leases within asset portfolios.

Joined by Lee Elliott, Head of Global Occupier Research at Knight Frank, who looks at the future dynamics of office space and trends that are emerging in terms of what occupiers want and how the workplace is being re-imagined. Knight Frank's Cardiff office Managing Partner, Matt Phillips, discusses the current situation within the local lettings market.

Neurolaw & Court of Protection

View the latest updates from our Neurolaw and Court of Protection team, covering statutory wills, interim payments and the importance of best interests. 

Webinar replay | Complex catastrophic injury claims and the ongoing involvement of a professional deputy

When dealing with complex catastrophic injury claims it is essential to build an expert team. In this webinar, Partner, Ciaran McCabe discusses the key issues on the journey from initial instruction to the successful conclusion of the litigation of such claims. Associate, Charlotte Fletcher outlines the role of a property and financial affairs deputy appointed by the Court of Protection in the ongoing management of the damages received.

For PI & Claims | Statutory Will - Joy Davies

Video | Statutory will

Joy Davies, Associate in our Neurolaw team explains what a statutory will is and how the Mental Capacity Act 2005 can be used to make an application to the Court of Protection to authorise a will to be made on behalf of a person who lacks capacity to make a will for themselves.

For PI & Claims | Importance of Best Interests - Charlotte Fletcher

Video | Importance of best interests

Charlotte Fletcher, Associate in the Court of Protection team explains the importance of determining best interests for a protected party, who lacks capacity to make the decision in question, and what happens when different bodies disagree about these best interests.

For PI & Claims | How to obtain an interim payment - Ciaran McCabe

Video | How to obtain an interim payment

What is an interim payment? Ciaran McCabe, Partner in the Neurolaw team answers this frequently asked question and explains the purpose of interim payments. He also talks through a recent case study concerning two interim payment applications.



View the latest updates from our Employment & HR Services team, including recent case law decisions and legislative developments on employment status issues for employers, IR35 rules for the private sector and a video series offering guidance on key HR issues, including complex gender identities, menopause and employee engagement in a virtual world. 

Webinar: Employment Law Update | April 2021

Webinar replay | Employment Law Update - April 2021

Our ever-popular Employment Law Update, covers recent case law decisions and legislative developments. We “horizon scan” the challenges that lie ahead for employers in 2021, discuss the recent Supreme Court decision in Uber v Aslam and the potential implications of that decision in terms of employment status issues for employers, and the “gig economy” more generally. We also look at the IR35 rules as they apply to the private sector from 6 April 2021, and the obligations for businesses that arise from the changes. Finally, the update considers the impact of Brexit on EU nationals immigration status, and what employers will need to do should they wish to continue to employ new EU workers going forwards.

HJ Talks HR: Complex gender identities

Video | Complex gender identities

Join Emily ThomasKate Walsh and Leah Ellison as they unravel the Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover Ltd judgment in the first video of our HJ Talks HR series. Emily and Kate will offer guidance on what organisations should be doing to ensure they offer sufficient support to individuals who identify as gender fluid or non-binary as well as analysing how relevant sections of the Equality Act should be interpreted going forward. Please note that the Claimant is referred to as she/her during this video as those were the pronouns the Claimant requested to be used at the time of the tribunal hearing.  

HJ Talks HR: Employee engagement

Video | Employee engagement & wellbeing in a virtual world

Kate Walsh and Emily Thomas will explore how managers can effectively engage with their teams in a virtual world. We will discuss the various issues and pressures attached to remote working and how managers can sensitively handle performance management issues, should they arise.

This HJ Talks HR video will also explore the different tools and initiatives used by organisations to offer support to colleagues who may be feeling isolated or are struggling with remote working.

HJ Talks HR: Menopause

Video | Menopause

Join Rhiannon Dale and Eleanor Bamber as they take a closer look at the case law surrounding the menopause and its interaction with the Equality Act 2010. Rhiannon and Eleanor will discuss key takeaway points for workplaces when supporting staff undergoing the menopause transition in this HJ Talks HR video.


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