31 August 2021 | Comment

Hugh James Asbestos Team reach London in their #moveformeso virtual relay

Since our last update, the Hugh James Asbestos team has virtually travelled from Cambridge, where one of our new recruits, Phoebe Osborne is based, to London.

Partner Mary Mulhall started the London asbestos team in 2017 and has since then overseen impressive growth in Hugh James’ presence within the region. Mary is ably supported by Senior Associate, Natalia Rushworth-White. Both Mary and Natalia are APIL accredited senior litigators and between them have almost twenty years’ experience specialising solely in asbestos disease litigation. Both are passionate about going the extra mile to support asbestos disease patients and their families through the legal claims process.

Mary says "I am grateful to be able to combine the challenges of litigation with the rewards of helping and supporting my clients and their families through a very difficult time’. Natalia adds that ‘it is a privilege to be able to assist people at this difficult stage of their lives." Both are inspired by the courage and determination of their clients and work tirelessly to ensure that settlements reached will ensure financial peace of mind.

The London team has been recently complemented by the arrival of former mesothelioma nurse Rachel Thomas, who provides invaluable holistic advice support to our clients through her role as a respiratory nurse advisor. Rachel assists our legal experts by supporting patients and their families across England & Wales throughout their cancer journey and is delighted to be "developing the nursing role within the mesothelioma team in order to continue raising the high standards of client care provided by Hugh James.”

Mary, Natalia and Rachel all work closely with the support groups local to the region which include HASAG, an asbestos support group operating in the South East of England, and the Mavis Nye Foundation. Mary is the chair of the Mavis Nye Foundation, and Natalia also sits on the Board of Trustees. The Mavis Nye Foundation was created by mesothelioma patient Dr Mavis Nye BME to inspire victims of mesothelioma, and to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mavis was initially diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009 and says that "in sharing the story of my journey, I hope to dispel some of the fear and myths surrounding the illness". To date, her Foundation has funded a mesothelioma research project and paid for a specialist mesothelioma nurse for Kent. Funds are also being made available to pay towards specialist peritoneal mesothelioma treatment equipment at Basingstoke Hospital.

Online support is provided by Mavis to mesothelioma patients and their families through online Facebook forums. Patients and families based in Kent can access face to face support through a monthly virtual coffee morning, which is run in conjunction with HASAG. If anyone would like any further information in this respect, they should contact Mary at [email protected]

Rachel has recently been appointed as a Trustee for HASAG demonstrating the ongoing collaborative partnership between Hugh James and HASAG. Together, HASAG and Meso UK run a monthly London patient/carer support group which Rachel attends as nurse specialist. Anyone seeking further information about the London support group should contact Rachel at [email protected]

The London team also has strong links with the national asbestos charity, Mesothelioma UK and are proud to be able to help the wider national team raise awareness of this charity through the Moves for Meso campaign. Next stop on our journey through Southern England and Wales, our newest office, and home of HASAG – Southampton!

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