11 May 2021 | Comment | Article by Louise Price

Hugh James teams up with Community Housing Cymru to provide free HR webinar series

CHC Spotlight Sessions

Hugh James have worked with Community Housing Cymru to bring a free webinar series tailored to HR professionals at housing associations in Wales.  Throughout the pandemic we have kept in close contact with Community Housing Cymru to make sure that we provide you with the resources you need at every step of the way.  Now that it seems green shoots are starting to appear, it’s time to start futureproofing your organisations to accommodate the evolving HR landscape. 

We have identified the key trends in advice across the sector, highlighted what can be learned from innovative approaches in other industries and we can help you balance the competing priorities you face as an HR professional.

We kick off the series with the question on everyone’s lips…what will the changing world of work look like. While there are plenty of aspects that are uncertain, Rhiannon and Sali will break through the confusion and discuss what we anticipate how the new model will take shape and what you can do to be well equipped for every eventuality. Covering homeworking, returning to the office as well as hybrid arrangements, this session will ensure you can feel confident in an approach that is flexible but fair.

Another complex issue in 2021 and beyond is the challenge of managing employees in a virtual world. Spanning the range of challenges from addressing performance issues, absence management as well as the monitoring the overall physical and mental health and wellbeing of your workforce, Louise and Kate will explore the essential components of a legally compliant approach as well as the steps you can take to elevate and motivate from afar.

Aside from the pandemic, equality and diversity challenges have been a frequent headline in our lives for the past year and have put discrimination in the workplace front and centre. The evolving nature of language and communications combined with concerns around context and unconscious bias make this a challenging issue to address. Christine and Emily will provide you with the clarity you need by focusing on the legal requirements around recruitment and complex identities as well as highlighting the interesting stories played out through case law.

Our series will end with a focus on Whistleblowing; one of the most sensitive issues to navigate. Christine and Eleanor will demonstrate how you can embed effective whistleblowing arrangements into your organisation and guide you through the necessary steps when receiving a whistleblowing complaint.

Well aware that your burning questions rarely fit such neat segments as this, every session will end with an interactive Q&A opening the conversation up to cover the full spectrum of queries you have, trading solutions and simple confidence building that your concerns are shared by others and there is a clear path ahead.

To register for any of the CHC Spotlight sessions please click the following links:

The changing world of work | Wed 19 May, 11am-12.30pm

Performance and Absence Management in a Virtual World | Wed 23 June, 11am-2.30pm

Equality and Diversity in the workplace | Wed 22 September, 11am-12.30pm

Whistleblowing – What you need to know | Wed 17 November, 11am-12.30pm



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