9 September 2021 | Comment | Article by Eleanor Evans TEP

Remember a Charity Week – podcast with Eleanor Evans, Partner at Hugh James

As part of Remember a Charity week, Hugh James Partner and Head of Trusts and Estates Administration, Eleanor Evans, took part in a podcast to discuss the week and what it means to us, our clients, and our charity partners.

During the podcast, the following questions were discussed:

  1. How will Hugh James be celebrating Remember a Charity week?

Eleanor discussed our series of blogs that are being published this week, with information about the benefits of leaving a gift to charity, and the positive impacts this can bring to both the charities themselves, and the families we act for.

  1. Have you noticed any changes in client behaviour or attitudes to will writing since the start of the pandemic?

Hugh James have noticed an increase in enquiries about will writing, although some people are still reticent to take the final step to make their will.

  1. Is there any more that Remember a Charity or the charity sector could be doing to encourage charitable conversations between professional advisors and their clients?

Eleanor discussed the fantastic work done by Remember a Charity and the charity sector generally, in raising awareness of the opportunities people have to leave gifts to charities in their wills, and the importance of the relationships between charities and solicitors’ firms.

  1. Do you have any practical tips for charities when it comes to the administration of legacy gifts?

Charities due to receive legacy gifts can take some practical steps to make sure that they receive the information they need from executors – this includes setting out, at the outset, the expectations the charity has from the executor, such as the documentation they will need (e.g. a copy of the will and schedule of assets).  Eleanor also talked about the value of the training and materials that are available from the Institute of Legacy Management, of which Hugh James are a corporate partner.

To hear the full podcast episode, click here.

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