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1 February 2021 | Webinars | Article by Emily Powell

The Digital Dilemma Series – How To Sell Your Goods Online – The Legal Way: Consumer Terms & Conditions

Here’s the first video in our Digital Dilemma series, covering everything you need to know about how to sell your goods online – the legal way.

This session outlines the key elements to include when preparing terms and conditions, so that you are complying with consumer protection laws when selling online. In this video, wecover the information that buyers must be provided with before purchasing and how you should incorporate the terms and conditions into a contract.

Consumer Terms & Conditions

Our series of 4 videos, followed by a live Q&A webinar, will cover everything you need to know about how to sell your goods online – the legal way. This digital dilemma series covers areas including consumer terms and conditions, intellectual property, VAT and data protection.

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Author bio

Emily is a partner in the Corporate and Commercial team. Emily specialises in commercial law, public procurement and subsidy control. Emily has advised housing associations on their procurement processes and can provide a complete legal service for all procurement and project requirements. Emily also hosts a forum for ‘heads of’ procurement working within the social housing sector.

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