HJ Talks HR: Employment Video Series

HJ Talks HR - Employment video series


Our Employment & HR Services team has recorded a series of videos offering guidance to organisations on key HR issues.

The HJ Talks HR series covers topics including, complex gender identities, employee engagement and wellbeing, menopause and occupational health.

HJ Talks HR: Complex gender identities

Complex gender identities

Join Emily Thomas, Kate Walsh and Leah Ellison as they unravel the Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover Ltd judgment in the first video of our HJ Talks HR series. Emily and Kate will offer guidance on what organisations should be doing to ensure they offer sufficient support to individuals who identify as gender fluid or non-binary as well as analysing how relevant sections of the Equality Act should be interpreted going forward. Please note that the Claimant is referred to as she/her during this video as those were the pronouns the Claimant requested to be used at the time of the tribunal hearing.  

HJ Talks HR: Employee engagement

Employee engagement & wellbeing in a virtual world

Kate Walsh and Emily Thomas will explore how managers can effectively engage with their teams in a virtual world. We will discuss the various issues and pressures attached to remote working and how managers can sensitively handle performance management issues, should they arise.

This HJ Talks HR video will also explore the different tools and initiatives used by organisations to offer support to colleagues who may be feeling isolated or are struggling with remote working.

HJ Talks HR: Menopause


Join Rhiannon Dale and Eleanor Bamber as they take a closer look at the case law surrounding the menopause and its interaction with the Equality Act 2010. Rhiannon and Eleanor will discuss key takeaway points for workplaces when supporting staff undergoing the menopause transition in this HJ Talks HR video.


Getting the most out of your occupational health report

We appreciate how frustrating it can be to receive a vague occupational health report, with little direction or guidance, on how to support an individual who may be experiencing difficulties in work, or about to return to work. In the final video of our HJ Talks HR series, we will hear from an occupational health nurse on the top tips for getting the most out of your occupational health report, including a discussion on what types of questions may be most useful when instructing occupational health.

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