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18 May 2022 | Case Study |

Acquired Brain Injury Week 2022: Supporting survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families

Polly Herbert, a new partner in the serious injury team at Hugh James has been supporting survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families for nearly 20 years.

Polly Herbert

“Like many within the Neurolaw Team, I have sat in hospital wards, living rooms, criminal and civil court waiting rooms, MDT meetings and barrister’s chambers, discussing every aspect of the client’s life. I interviewed multiple witnesses and reviewed all records and expert reports. All this to try and paint a picture of what it is like for the client and their family. Nothing however has come close to the experience at Headway Salford and Trafford in Manchester, to enable me to get a better insight on what life is like for survivors of brain injury and their families.”

Polly started volunteering once a week at Headway in February 2022 for 2 months during her garden leave.

“Naturally, the experience was rewarding but it was the ability to spend time with these members and not think “oh, that would be good for the witness statement” or “we can add that to the Schedule of Loss”! To have zero pressure on trying to get as much information out of the interactions with these “clients” but instead, just to enjoy their company, listen to their problems and offer support where I could.”

“It was also wonderful to experience how positive this group was.”

There were varying degrees of cognitive and mobility problems, but a whole load of camaraderie and laughter. Polly was struck at what a support network they offer but also how much the members help each other. As a volunteer, she ran baking sessions with different members each week and got them talking and working with each other. One lady had been assessed by her social worker to be incapable of social interaction. After one session in the kitchen, she was planning their next bake and arranging to go to a Hacienda event with another member!

Polly emphasises that she is

“looking forward to visiting the group soon using one of our volunteer days at Hugh James. In fact, I am being held to it by Eddi, he misses our pool matches and I need to win a frame!”

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