2 October 2020 | Comment | Article by Stephanie Eedy

Arkwright residents plagued by odour nuisance at local composting plant

Residents local to the waste composting facility in Deepsick Lane, Arkwright Town,   have been plagued by odours coming from the site for many years and which have been reported in the local press in the past.  

Suez has been operating the site since 2014 which manages approximately 40,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste from local authority kerbside waste collections every year.  It is regulated by the Environment Agency and not long after its opening, the EA found that the site was operating in breach of its permit by allowing odour to escape beyond its boundary.  Problems with odour have been caused by failures in the odour abatement system and biofilters.   Despite working with the EA to try to rectify the problems, odours have continued. 

Residents have reported being unable to open their windows and doors or hang their washing out to dry due to the foul odour outside their homes.  The persistent odour has made their lives miserable and they have not been able to enjoy the comfort of their own homes.  During warm summer months, the heat and odour have been unbearable.

Unfortunately, despite assurances that the problems will improve, they continue, with no sign of abatement in the future.

Are you a householder that has been affected by these odour issues?

Hugh James has been approached to act for a number of clients in a group action against Suez for compensation for past nuisance arising from these odours.  It is currently pursuing the matter to secure compensation on behalf of households which have been affected by these issues – but more importantly to ensure Suez engage to ensure that the environment improves substantially and the persistent odours come to an end.

If you live near the composting facility in Deepsick Lane, Arkwright Town and have been affected by these odours, get in touch for a free consultation and to find out if you are eligible to claim.



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Stephanie is a Partner in the Hugh James Group Actions team specialising in environmental claims. She leads Hugh James’s specialist team of lawyers and support staff in this area. Stephanie specialises in group actions on behalf of communities and residents across England and Wales affected by various forms of environmental pollution such as odour, noise and dust emanating from factories, landfill sites and other similar commercial entities. She has successfully concluded a number of environmental group actions in locations within the UK and has secured compensation and an end to the nuisance on behalf of a large number of individuals.



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