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7 September 2021 | Witness Appeals | Article by Phoebe Osborne

Witness Appeal: Did you work with Greville John Millman?

Mr Greville John Millman who lived in Stafford sadly passed away after suffering from asbestosis.

It is thought that Mr Millman may have been exposed to asbestos during his working career. Mr Millman’s family have now launched an appeal to try and trace former colleagues of Mr Millman in the hope they can provide further information about the work he undertook.

Greville John Millman

It is believed that Mr Millman may have first been exposed to asbestos whilst working as an apprentice at English Electric Co Ltd. He worked here from 1950 until 1974. After completing his apprenticeship, Mr Millman secured a full-time position within the rectifier drawing department for 10 years and then at the sub-contracts department for 9 years. It is believed that Mr Millman worked primarily in the office but attended the factory floor periodically.

In 1974, Mr Millman started working for GKN Machinery Ltd for a period of 6 months. He was based at the company’s registered office in Cable Street, Wolverhampton but may have also spent some time on the factory floor.

In 1975, Mr Millman got transferred from GKN Machinery Ltd to GKN Birwelco Ltd where he continued to work until 1977. He worked within the sub-contracts department and ordered materials such as steel for companies that had been sub-contracted by GKN Birwelco Ltd. Again, he spent most of his working day in the office but was occasionally required to be on site and visit factories. He returned to work here in 1980 for roughly 4 to 5 years.

From 1992 onwards, Mr Millman worked at Heathyards Engineering Co Ltd for roughly 6 to 7 years until retirement. He was responsible for drawing, buying materials and supervising workers. He worked predominantly at the industrial estate in Brownhills, Staffordshire.

From the information we have obtained thus far, it is believed that Mr Millman could potentially have been exposed to asbestos during his employment with the above-mentioned companies. We are now trying to help the Millman family to find former colleagues who worked with Mr Millman so that we can gain a full understanding of where he may have been exposed to asbestos. It is important we speak with his former work colleagues to better understand the nature of the work he performed.

The Millman family has instructed specialist asbestos lawyers at Hugh James to investigate whether and, if so how, Mr Millman came into contact with the hazardous material, asbestos. Former colleagues that knew Mr Millman can get in touch with the law firm Hugh James by calling Phoebe Osborne, Senior Associate on 01223 660 206.

Based in Cardiff, London and Southampton, Hugh James is a Top 100 firm, employing a team of around 600 people, including over 60 partners. Its specialist industrial illness team represents individuals and groups throughout England and Wales. Armed with the experience and specialist knowledge that is required for this complex area, Hugh James has helped thousands of people who have been either injured or developed an illness as a result of their work. The team also has significant experience in working on industrial disease group actions, where more than one person has been affected in the workplace.

Anyone who knew or worked with Greville John Millman at English Electric Co Ltd, GKN Machinery Ltd, GKN Birwelco Ltd or Heathyards Engineering Co Ltd between the years of 1950 to 1999 are urged to get in touch using the button below.

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Phoebe Osborne

Legal Director

Phoebe joined Hugh James in March 2021 and is a Legal Director in the specialist Asbestos team. Phoebe has acted solely for Claimants in asbestos disease litigation since qualifying as a solicitor in 2013. Since then, she has successfully obtained compensation for a significant number of patients following their diagnoses of mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening and lung cancer.

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